The Renaissance Man

Dr. Johnnie Williams III BA, MS, DD


12 Day Grand Mediterranean

Well the time is drawing near for Anna and I to begin our cruise of the Mediterranean. We’re very excited and anxious to get to Rome. All my life I’ve wanted to do some globe-trotting and now the opportunity of a lifetime, and we’re going for it. This adventure begins this Thursday when we leave for Rome. the entire experience will stretch over 12 days with stops in Naples, Croatia, Venice, Sicily, Spain, Monaco, Florence, and then back to Rome.

We arrived in Italy on the first Friday in October to begin our voyage around the unpredictable seas of the Mediterranean. We would also sail the Ionian, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Ligurian, and Balearic seas on this adventure, all different in how they treated untested seafarers. I was a novice to sailing and didn’t know what to expect when we stepped off of the Alitalia jet at Fiumicino airport. We knew that this was nothing like the country we had just left fourteen hours earlier. As we rushed for the totally neglected bathrooms we quickly realized that all we knew, and accepted, as an accepted standard of cleanliness was about to be compromised. Here we were finally in the place we had read about as children ready to explore and learn new and wonderful things. It was a strange feeling of being in a familiar place, but knowing you didn’t speak the language so you were vulnerable. We had to let our guard down and trust that the people in this country would be friendly and helpful. They didn’t let us down. As we emerged from the luggage pickup area our first goal was to secure transportation to our hotel the SunBay Park in Civitavecchia.


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