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Dr. Johnnie Williams III BA, MS, DD

Brain Teaser Solution – What Kind Of Pet Owner Would Emma Be?

The answer was right there in the first post. Dog owners have names that start with a vowel. Cat owners have names that end with a vowel. Emma has a vowel both at the beginning and the end of her name, so she would own both a dog and a cat.

This time I was able to get half of the solution because I looked at this puzzle from an entirely different angle, and it worked. I looked for groups within the groups to help me find the variable that would show the pattern. Now if this could be applied to the way we approach problem solving in general, answers to questions we had given up on finding solutions to may be illuminated.

As we start this new week let’s look for the groups within groups, the patterns within patterns, that have hidden themselves from us, like pearls tucked safely inside of oysters, waiting to be discovered.

Have a great week, God bless you and keep you safe.

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