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The Iceland Volcano – World Impact

Where's the Money in AmericaWhile surfing the web I came across this document that helps illustrate the impact of the volcanic eruption that occurred in Iceland on March 20,2010. It had a devastating effect on movement of people around the globe and will likely have an economic one on the airlines, and those associated industries affected by the crisis, for years to come.

Of the 7 million travelers effected,  the most stranded abroad (200,000) were from the UK. The rest were just trying to get around Europe. What I find disturbing about this information is the hotels raised their rates instead of lowering them, and that land based options like trains, rental cars, or cabs, all raised their rates too. What is wrong with this world? I remember a time when the airlines, and all associated parties, would have done everything possible to get the stranded passengers home at the least cost. Why is greed still allowed to run rampant in our country and around the world? When we were in Europe I felt everyone was always trying to find a way to get Euros out of my pockets. They’ve taken to charging us to use the restrooms as a means of extracting money. I wonder if things will ever get better? I pray daily that they will but everyday I read some article that makes it harder for me to think they ever will.

We should all try to do something everyday to make things a little better for the people we interact with, life is short, and all life is precious. A smile, or kind word, can change someones life, and the lives of everyone they come into contact with. Neither requires you to give up anything except selfishness. How cruel of the airlines to turn their backs on so many of the people who patronize them. How can those in charge of the hotels sleep at night knowing they were causing grief, and suffering, on a massive scale? Don’t those in charge of the trains, and car rental companies have enough? Come on when is enough, enough? How many houses can they live in? How many cars can they drive? How much food can they eat? When travelers are stranded, or lost, it is a moral imperative that the host country care for them and see them safely on their way.

Ok I’ll stop the ranting. Please enjoy this post its great info and something interesting  to think about. Have a great day!!


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